Hiking Sticks

Hiking Sticks
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African Walking Stick, Black Polypropylene, 37 inch

Walking stick that replicates the traditional African Zulu sticks. Composed of black polypropylene a..


City Stick, Aluminum Head w/Fiberglass Shaft, 37 5/8 inch

Here are some classy walking sticks that are just at home at the opera as they are on a stroll throu..


Dragon Walking Stick, Polypropylene, 39.5 inch

It is modeled after an intricately carved Dragon Stick from our President, Lynn C. Thompson's co..


Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick, Polypropylene, 37 inch

Polypropylene walking stick that mickics a traditional blackhorn stick. Its Overall length is 37 in...


Slim Stick, Aluminum Head w/Carbon Fiber Shaft, 39 inch

A thin walking stick made from black and silver carbon fiber thread with a head that measures 1 1/2 ..