Trail Food

Trail Food
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Alpine Aire Foods AllAmericanSeasonedPotatoes&Beef Serves2

Potatoes & beef accented with classic seasonings like onion, garlic & paprika.. *Nutriti..


Alpine Aire Foods Apple Almond Crisp Serves 2

A delicious honey roasted granola dates, apples, honey, almonds & cinnamon.Nutritional Facts..


Alpine Aire Foods Bandito Scramble Serves 2

Eggs mix, potatoes, cheddar cheese, mild chilies & spice to liven up your morningNutritional..


Alpine Aire Foods Blueberry Honey Granola w/Milk No. 10 Can

Fat free granola with white wheat flakes, hulled barley flakes, honey, cinnamon, freeze-dried bluebe..


Alpine Aire Foods Chicken & Rice Burrito Bowl Serves 2

The Chicken Burrito Bowl is a Mexican fiesto in a package. This belly filling bowl is way tastier th..


Alpine Aire Foods Chicken Gumbo Serves 2

A deliciously spicy chicken gumbo with chicken, sweet corn, bell peppers, okra, onion, & celery...


Alpine Aire Foods Chocolate Mudslide Serves 2

Decadently rich & creamy chocolate pudding with cookie crumb crust and toffee peanuts for an ext..


Alpine Aire Foods Cinnamon Apple Crisp Serves 2

Brown sugar sauce with apples & raisins mingle with French vanilla almond granola.Nutritiona..


Alpine Aire Foods Creamy Potato Cheddar Soup Serves 2

A hearty & nutritious soup with potatoes, cheddar cheese, red bell peppers, & green onions. ..


Alpine Aire Foods Forever Young Mac & Cheese Serves 2

Mac & Cheese made with three cheese sauce & the vegetable additions of peas, carrots & c..


Alpine Aire Foods HomstyleBeefGravy w/MshdPotatoes Serves2

Mashed potatoes topped with creamy beef gravy seasoned with onion, celery, parsley, spinach, garlic ..


Alpine Aire Foods Instant Nonfat Milk Powder No. 10 Can

Instant Nonfat Milk PowderAlpineAire Gourmet Reserves support the hardiest adventurers who deman..


Alpine Aire Foods Leonardo da Fettuccine Serves 2

Creamy cheese & sour cream sauce with pasta, broccoli, mushroom accented with garlic & onion..


Alpine Aire Foods Mountain Chili Serves 2

A savory blend of pinto beans, vegetable protein, freeze dried corn, mushrooms, bell peppers & s..


Alpine Aire Foods Organic Apples

Natural High Freeze-Dried Organic Apple Snacks start with Organic Fruit harvested at its peak. The f..


Alpine Aire Foods Organic Bananas

Natural High Freeze-Dried Organic Banana Snacks start with Organic Fruit harvested at its peak. The ..


Alpine Aire Foods Organic Blueberries

Natural High Freeze-Dried Organic Blueberry Fruit Snacks start with Organic Fruit harvested at its p..


Alpine Aire Foods Organic Mango

Natural High Freeze-Dried Organic Mango Snacks start with Organic Fruit harvested at its peak. The f..


Alpine Aire Foods Organic Strawberries

Natural High Freeze-Dried Organic Strawberry Snacks start with Organic Fruit harvested at its peak. ..


Alpine Aire Foods Pasta Roma Serves 2

Pasta with Romano & Parmesan cheese in a creamy tomato sauce.Nutritional Facts:- Serving..